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International and published artist, Maude McDonald, picked up her first paint brush at the age of eight… from a little wooden painter's box received as a gift (which she still keeps in her studio). Self taught until the age of 20, she was accepted into the Museum of Fine Arts Academy in Houston. She continued studies in France and Holland.

"Artists are mercurial. Our two greatest motivators are joy and pain. Emotion, perhaps more than visual stimulation, inspires my work. I want the canvas to speak of our awareness; be it pain, elation, humor, serenity, the surreal, speculation or happiness. Otherwise, it is nothing more than a piece of canvas with colorful brushstrokes."

Her work is immediately recognized by its strong composition and bold color. Having studied and practiced all genres of art, her own unique style is a blend of all her favorite aspects of each. Sometimes a simple brush stroke articulates a volume of emotion. Sometimes only the abstract can give voice to what she wants to say. Sometimes she must spend days on a detail.

Her works hang in private homes and businesses throughout North and South America, Mexico and Europe, including governors in the U.S. and Mexico. She has produced special commissions for events such as the Ballunar Festival at NASA.

Although her subjects and genre may change, she remains faithful to the traditional techniques.

"Creativity is limited only by the imagination"... Maude McDonald

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